L’universo subdolo delle agnosie: la dislessia


This essay is divided in two different sections: The first one focuses on the complexity of agnosia (and then on aphasia) that compromises inner perceptions of children. The second section introduces the language’s improvement during the developmental process, and studies the dyslexia, that is one of the the most deceptive and widespread kinds of agnosia. It starts from the description of dislexya, of its characteristics, its diffusion and the supposed systemic factors that cause it. The last section of the essay analyzes the legal side of the question and explains the basic italian laws that regulate the educational systems in relation to the dyslexical children, thanks to some technological and educational tools, that can help to attain a global cognitive development and the relationship with other children.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i17201632vXVIIIn32p107

Keywords: Agnosia; Dyslexia; Treatments

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