Adesione al trattamento, sostegno familiare e rapporto con il medico in pazienti affetti da ipertensione essenziale


The lack of compliance to treatment is a behavior frequently observed in the medical practice, particularly when symptoms are absent as it is in the case of patients with hypertension. Aim of the present study was to examine rates of compliance in a sample of 61 patients with essential hypertension and to investigate if perceived support from family, satisfaction with physician and the presence of psychopathological symptoms are related to compliance. Our findings did not show any significant correlation, supporting previous results which did not identify a clear relationship among adherence to treatment and personal, emotional, and social factors in patients with essential hypertension.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i17201632vXVn26p39

Keywords: adherence to treatment; support from family; patient-physician relationship; anxiety; depression; hypertension

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