The god Shepsy "jmy Hmnw"


The Egyptian god Shepsy was a minor deity whose evidence mainly survived in the period following the Second Intermediate Period (1800 BC-1570 BC). Indeed, the apex of his popularity lay in the 19th Dynasty, during which the god is overwhelmingly present in a vast body of sources. He is best known as a solar, lunar, and funerary deity, but was also a cosmic god. The current study aims to examine the emic understanding of the Egyptian god Shepsy by providing a detailed analysis of his iconography. This identifies who the god Shepsy was, what he did, when he performed his functions, where he performed them, and most importantly, why.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15912221v29p127

Keywords: Shepsy; Thoth; Nehmet-away; 19th Dynasty; Hermopolis

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