Il 'viaggio' nei romanzi di Jean-Claude Izzo: traiettoria di un uomo tra Marsiglia e il Mediterraneo


Credited as one of the most brilliant modern authors of noir thrillers, Jean-Claude Izzo offers, via his novels set in Marseilles, a vibrant portray of his beloved city, walked around by his alter ego, the cop Fabio Montale in the Marseilles Trilogy. Against the background of poverty, violence, racial tensions and political corruption, the 'Phocean City' stands as a cosmopolitan port living through a symbiotic relationship with the Mediterranean. Indeed, Marseilles and the sea are not only a frame for Izzo's stories – from Total Chaos, Chourmo and Solea (Marseilles Trilogy) to The Lost Sailors and A Sun for the Dying – but they are the main figures of his writings. In our contribution we shall explore the various facets of the journey according to Izzo: a physical displacement (urban practice or sea travel) which turns out to be an inner journey for his heroes.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v10i2p235

Keywords: Journey; Marseilles; Mediterranean

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