L'identità rinnovata in Va e non torna e M di Ron Kubati


Migration and identity are the issues around which the social, anthropological and cultural discourse has developed in recent years. The migratory flows that have affected Western countries in recent decades have posed numerous questions on issues such as social cohesion, integration, education, culture. In this perspective, the essay dwells on the relationship that binds the experience of migration to literature, highlighting the role of writing as a place of identity processing. In particular, it analyzes the stories told by the writer Ron Kubati. In Va e non torna and in M, the writer goes in search of the otherwise and redemption, in which the relationship with the past, with his mother tongue, with the future follows a difficult path made of denial and estrangement, of hope, of pain and dream.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v10i1p487

Keywords: Migration; identity; Kubati; Albania; language; writing

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