Some commutativity theorems through a Streb\'s classification


In the present paper we investigate commutativity of rings with unity satisfying any one of the properties(Error rendering LaTeX formula),(Error rendering LaTeX formula), x<sup>t</sup>[x<sup>k</sup>,y]=g(y)[x,f(y)]h(y) and [x<sup>k</sup>,y]x<sup>t</sup>=g(y)[x,f(y)]h(y) for some f(X) in X<sup>2</sup>Z[X], where m≥ 0, r≥ 0, s≥ 0, k>0, t>0 are non-negative integers. Finally, under different appopriate constraints on commutators, commutativity of R has been established.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15900932v14n1p71

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