Art galleries with k-guarded guards


The k-guarde art galllery problem asks for the minimum number of k-guarded point guards that can collectively monitor a simple polygon with n vertices. A guard is k-guarded if it can see k other guards. For k = 0, this problem is equivalent to the classical art gallery problem of Klee. For k 0 1, a tight bound of \bigl \lfloor {{3n-1} \over 7} \bigl\rfloor was shown recently by Micheal and Pinviu and independently, by Zilinski. In this paper, we settle the problem for every k ≥ 2 and show that k {\bigl\lfloor {n \over 5} \bigl\rfloor} + \bigl\lfloor {{n+2} \over 5} \bigl\rfloor k-guarded guards are always sufficient and sometimes necessary to guard a simple polygon with n vertices.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15900932v24n1p111

Keywords: The art gallery problem; Guarded guards

Classification: 52C99; 05C90

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