Una ricerca visuale sulle memorie di una città industriale. Il caso Brindisi = A visual research on the memories of an industrial city. The case of Brindisi


A visual research on the memories of an industrial city. The case of Brindisi. The author has conducted a two-year visual search in the city of Brindisi, motivated by recent medical and judicial evidence on the dramatic socio-health consequences of one of Italy's most impacting industrial poles. From a territory with an agricultural, fish and tourist vocation, Brindisi has succumbed to the lure of industrial development plans and now it seems to implode at the sight of the consequences on its own physical and cultural conformation. In an indirect apology of visual sociology, the research attempts to observe and point out that more than half a century of massive industrial colonization has profoundly changed the self-representation of the city, in a descending parable that involved its expectations of the future and, simultaneously, its own memory and identity.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n15p7

Keywords: Memories; Trauma; Visual sociology; Development plan; Industrialization; Colonization; Health; Identity

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