Oltre il conflitto: l’argomentazione = Beyond the conflict: the argumentation


Beyond the conflict: the argumentation. The paper aims to investigate the relationship between conflict and communication into two main parts: in the first instance the two lexemes are subjected to semantic analysis and at a later time is shown the possibility of avoiding the interpersonal hostility by adopting an argumentative attitude. The semantic area of conflictus, in fact, allows to presuppose that the clash between two parties is the degeneration of an incompatibility of position, but in the perspective of the argumentation the difference of opinion becomes a condition which can lead to a new reality, so the stage of confrontation between antithetical positions is to be overcome in the direction of reconstitution of the initial symbolic unity. Arguing in the classical meaning implies a cooperative research of the best solution to restore a balance and the persuasion that is pursued implies the search for mutual belonging

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n3p165

Keywords: argumentation; conflict; classic rhetoric; persuasion; Zusammengehörigkeit

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