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Human communication has always been considered an almost obvious activity, as a natural phenomenon, to pass over without any particular attention.
A systematic study on communication has started only in the last century, in coincidence with the advent of media and technologies able to speak to the multitudes. Even more recently, communication became a field of academic study. In Italy it occurred later than elsewhere. We believe that communication is a field to explore with all the tools and from all the points of view. We want to provide our scientific communities with careful and critical considerations, because now more than ever the idea that "it is impossible not to communicate" has established itself. Limitless are the ways to influence the facts of the world through communication, and these biases are quickly growing everywhere.
We seek an increasingly more international scientific debate: this is not because this indication comes from a bureaucratic power, but for the great facts of the world are deeply influenced by a global bind.
We want to give a contribution presenting our issues as a lexicon of objects to investigate, starting from the roots of our name, which recalls the Olympic gods' messenger. Our H-ermes got one dash after the H: this means an emphasis on a letter whose function is to connect Communication to Humanities, a strategic meeting point among those disciplines commenting the social individual. It is a dash that carries also the "hermai", the god of communication's first icons, the piles of little stones left on the edge of new paths. Today available to all new media-wanderers.



H-ermes n. 14 (2019) - Narrazioni Call for papers (deadline abstracts March 15th 2019)


Il prossimo numero di «H-ermes. Journal of Communication» sarà dedicato al tema Narrazioni.

The next issue of H-ermes will be dedicated to the topic of “Narrations”.

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N. 13 (2018) - Periferie

H-ermes - Covere-ISSN: 2284-0753

Frontespizio Details     PDF

Indice Details     PDF

Periferie Details     PDF

Segni tra vecchi beduini. Un’interpretazione epistolare di Benjamin = Signs between old Bedouins. An epistolary analysis of Benjamin Details     PDF
Stefano Cristante 7-36

“To the centre of the city in the night waiting for you.” Centro e periferie nella sottocultura post-punk inglese = “To the centre of the city in the night waiting for you.” Centre and peripheries in English post-punk subculture Details     PDF
Alfonso Amendola, Novella Troianiello 37-56

Frank zappa e il ’68 tedesco. Un paradosso transatlantico e un’accusa di provincialismo culturale = Frank Zappa, Germany, 1968. A transatlantic paradox and an accusation of cultural provincialism Details     PDF
Gianfranco Salvatore 57-90

Il fumetto cinese moderno tra centro e periferia = Modern Chinese Comics, between center and periphery Details     PDF
Martina Caschera 91-120

Racconti dalle periferie d’Italia. Il ritorno al cinema della Suburra = Tales from the Italian suburbs. The return of the Suburra to the cinema Details     PDF
Francesca Fichera 121-130

Gli sguardi degli altri. Rappresentazioni e autorappresentazioni dei migranti nel paesaggio urbano = The Gaze of the Other. Representations and Self-representations of Migrants in the Urban Landscape Details     PDF
Raffaele Pavoni 131-166

Empreendedorismo e ativismo cultural nas periferias brasileiras = Entrepreneurship and cultural activism in brazilian peripheries Details     PDF
Livia De Tommasi 167-196

La strada dell’immaginazione porta al centro della realtà. Sogni medievali nell’inconscio contemporaneo. = The Path of Imagination Leads to the Center of Reality. Medieval Dreams in the Modern-Day Subconscious Details     PDF
Valerio Cappozzo 197-216

La periferia romana nel cinema contemporaneo: il luogo (simbolico) di contrasti ed esistenze difficili = Roman suburbia in contemporary cinema: the (symbolic) place of contrasts and difficult existences Details     PDF
Simona Castellano 217-230

Periferie umane. La bellezza invisibile. Taranto, i paesaggi intorno alla fabbrica = Human peripheries. The invisible beauty. Taranto, the landscapes around the factory Details     PDF
Raffaella Capriglia 231-244

Percorsi di Ricerca Details     PDF

Il sentimento della paura nell’immaginario collettivo: il caso Disney-Pixar = The feeling of fear in the collective imaginary: The Disney Pixar example Details     PDF
Fabiana Leone 247-262

Narrare le morte: paure primordiali e angosce moderne = Narrating death: primordial fears and modern anguish Details     PDF
Alessandra Santoro 263-274

Colophon Details     PDF

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