La questione del radicalismo islamista


The essay intends to analyze the Islamic radicalism, as contemporary phenomenon, from three points of view: in his nature of collective movement, that uses the religion to build a system of ideological self-legitimation; as political subject of the age of the globalization, that uses the crisis of the national sovereignties to present itself as answered to the decline of the jurisdictions of States; how element of mobilization inside collectivity characterized by an incomplete meeting with the modernity. They come therefore envoys in relief the bonds and links with the cultural deposit of the Moslem religiousness but also the torsions and the manipulation that are made some Islamic tradition, for a based reading on the systematic appeal to the violence. Particular importance is attributed to the struggle against the State of Israel and to the nature of its anti-Semitism, two fundamental ideological indexes of the Islamic radicalism.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a3n2p321

Keywords: Radical Islam; Political and social movements; Anti-Semitism; Middle East; Contemporary politics

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