Tourism and tourist promotion around the world: a linguistic and socio-cultural perspective - 2013

Elena Manca, Francesca Bianchi (eds.) Full Version (PDF)
Tourism and tourist promotion around the world - CovereISBN: 978-88-8305-104-3

This volume analyses tourist promotion in different countries (China, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, France, Poland, and the UK) from a sociological and historical perspective, with an interest on the type of language used to attract both domestic and international tourists and excursionists. The volume includes nine chapters. The first five discuss tourist promotion from a cultural and historical perspective by illustrating the role of stereotypes, cultural specificities and cultural training in the creation of new tourist destinations and/or in adjusting the reception of foreign tourism. The remaining ones analyse the language used in tourist promotional discourse, be it printed brochures or Internet websites.

Table of Contents

Frontespizio     PDF

Indice     PDF

Foreword     PDF

Introduction     PDF
E. Manca 1-4

The promotion of tourism in Spain. From stereotype to brand image     PDF
F. L. Bahena 5-6

The development of the tourist imagery of Brazil in between stereotypes and clichés     PDF
G. De Rosa 21-30

Towards alternative forms of tourism. The Polish experience     PDF
A. F. De Carlo 31-46

Prospects and Problems of Jewish Tourism in Apulia     PDF
F. Lelli 47-52

Soft skills in tourist promotion for the Chinese market     PDF
M Sportelli 53-60

A journey to Portugal. The official tourist promotion of Turismo de Portugal     PDF
A. Zuliani 61-80

Treading lightly on the Earth. Metaphorical frames in the discourse of ecotourism     PDF
C. Spinzi 81-94

Linguistic notes on French music tourism. The case of La Fugue website     PDF
G. D'Andrea 95-108

Describing through the five senses. A contrastive socio-cultural and linguistic analysis of Italian and British tourist websites     PDF
E. Manca 109-124

Colophon     PDF

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