Osservazioni su alcuni Tardigradi di una spiaggia pugliese e descrizione di Batillipes adriaticus sp. nov. (Heterotardigrada)


In addition to Batillipes pennaki Marcus, B. annulatus de Zio and Halechiniscus remanei Schulz, in a beach of Southern Italy, adults and larvae of Orxeliscus belopus du Boiseimond Marcus,B.annulatus and B. adriaticus sp. nov. have been found. In these species sexual dimorphism has been clearly observed only at gonoporus level. Chromosomal number 2n=10 was observed by AA. in Batillipes pennaki, B.annulatus and Halechiniscus remanei.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v9p39

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