Considerazioni sulla vegetazione delle "Spunnulate" di Castiglione (Lecce)


Botanical notes on the "Spunnulate" (dolinas) of Castiglione (Lecce). Many soils depressions, due to earth collapse are aligned along the western coast of Salento, in wich an interesting vegetation is preserved. The "Spunnulate of Castiglione" have been studied and their vegetation has been considered as a starting point for the interpretation of the vegetation of the site, which at the time is badly degraded.The presence of Quercus ilex supports the hypothesis that in the past the site was covered by Q.ilex grove, which has been destroied by man and fire. The last remains of such a vegetation survire today in the hardest dites of Murgia hills, sheltered from the salted sea winds.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v3p47

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