Carta della vegetazione 2003 della costa di Campomarino (Taranto) e trasformazioni ambientali nell\'ultimo ventennio


Campomarino belongs to Maruggio municipality (Taranto, Apulia, Italy). Its coastal area is characterised by a dune belt, 200 m wide and 9 km long, on the Ionian coast of the Salento Peninsula (southern Italy). Vegetation covers the dune partially following the typical coastal sere. The aim of this paper is to make a map of Campomarino coastal vegetation in order to compare it with the 1980s one and to analyse the possible differences due to the strong anthropic influence which has affected Campomarino since the 1960s. Among the human activities affecting the area, there are the construction of the SP 122 road, the building of many houses near the coast and the consequent creation of artificial gardens and woods with Pinus halepensis Miller and Eucaliptus camaldulensis Dehnh. At present, the occidental stretch of Campomarino littoral has been for a large part altered in its shape and vegetation, because of the levelling of the dune and the opening passages for bathers.In the future, the comparison could be quantitative, for example based on the surface areas occupied by the different types of vegetation.This will allow us to identify which changes there will be if this stretch of Ionian coast, very important from the environmental point of view, continues to be without proper environmental management and protection.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v29p47

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