La pericolosità da sinkhole nel territorio della provincia di Roma: il caso di Marcellina


Sinkhole occurrence in the perityrrhenian areas of Central Italy seems to be strongly related to a peculiar geological and hydrogeological framework, characterized by the co-existence and interaction of different issues considered to trigger the sinkhole genesis. Several sinkholes prone areas have been recognized in the Latium region, a few of them being located in the surrounding areas of Rome. The most recent of such catastrophic phenomena occurred on January 2001 about 30 Km east of Rome, close to the Marcellina village, on a small plain at the foothills of the Lucretili Mts. carbonatic ridge. In this paper preliminary geological and hydrogeological data concerning the Marcellina area are discussed, in order to analyze the role of each issue characterizing it as a "sinkhole prone area". A possible conceptual model for cover collapse sinkhole genesis in groundwater discharge areas is then briefly outlined, focusing on the Campagna Romana peculiar geological and hydrogeological framework. The multidisciplinary approach and evolutionary model proposed here could represent useful tools for sinkhole hazard assessment, supporting land planning and management in similar geological settings.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v26supp95

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