Sailfin velifer, Velifer hypselopterus Bleeker, 1879 (Perciformes, Veliferidae) in Oman waters: a new substantiated record from the Arabian Sea coast of Oman


The first substantiated records of Sailfin velifer, Velifer hypselopterus Bleeker, 1879 in Omani waters are reported based on 10 specimens ranging in total length 300-430 mm, which have been collected by gill net on the coast of Al-Ashkharah City, 319 km south of Muscat City, Arabian Sea, Oman. Morphometric and meristic data are provided and compared with those of several specimens of this species from other parts of the world. This study reports on the largest specimen of this species ever being collected.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v43p29

Keywords: Range extension; new record; Veliferidae; Sea of Oman; Arabian Sea

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