Aquatic macrophytes in the Lake Shkodra - River Buna wetlands complex


The Lake Shkodra -River Buna wetlands complex is rich in aquatic flora.145 macrophytes have been found.Of these,12 species are stoneworts (Charophyceae),while the others are vascular plants.Four basic formations of plant assemblage are described. Nineteen taxa of aquatic and other hydrophilous macrophytes found in this area which are rare or threatened within Albania are enumerated.Some of these species,i.e.Trapa natans,Nymphoides peltata, Sagittaria sagittifolia,Hydrocotyle vulgaris, Hydrocharis morsus-ranae,Baldellia ranunculoides and Marsilea quadrifoliaare found only in 2 or 3 localities in Albania. Spirodella polyrhiza and Caldesia parnassifolia,are found only in Lake Shkodra.Comments on some of the taxa are given.

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