Trophic state of Albanian water ecosystem based on phytoplakton photo-synthetic pigments


Data on the trophic state of some Albanian water bodies (the Adriatic lagoons of Vilun,Kune-Vain,Patog,Karavasta and Narta,and the ecosystem of Ohrid-Prespa)are resented.Evaluation of trophic state is based on chlorophyll acontent in water and distribution of photosynthetic pigments,monitored from March to October.The lagoons of the Adriatic coast have different trophic states.The lagoons of Vilun,Kune-Vain and Patok are oligotrophic,but the Karavasta and Narta lagoons are characterized by a higher trophic state,estimated as mesotrophic.Lake Ohrid is oligotrophic,whereas Lake Prespa is mesotrophic.Vertical profiles of Chl a content demonstrated different distribution in the Ohrid and Prespa lakes.

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Chlorophyll; Lake; Lagoon; Phytoplankton; Trophic state

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