Le violenze contro i minori: cause e conseguenze


The mistreatment and the violence to the detriment of minors are assuming in these last years increasingly alarming aspects and they have new dimensions and features belonged to situation of social crisis and by the use of new communication tools. Many parents try to do the best their role, but sometimes they can play out behaviours not adequate to the necessity and to the welfare of their own children. Today's studies have focused their interest on the physical or sexual maltreatment, and psychological maltreatment. The maltreatment towards childhood is not always determined by an adult, or parent, but can be caused by unemployment, deficiency of social support, school, relationship of individual, stress, parent's age, personal experience. There are also different kinds of maltreatment: physical maltreatment (physical violence on the child), psychological maltreatment (messages or attitudes with the aim of making the victim feeling devoid of value), sexual maltreatment (the violent act of abuse against the child), at the end, the inadequacy or the lack of physical or psychological cares. In the light of new technique and studies we can affirm that the maltreatment to the detriment of minors can be prevented . The prevention is based on the detection of the maltreatment situation and on measures aimed at protecting the child. It is foreseen a radical change of the contemporary culture, a change that assures to the child the right to live protected his growth.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i17201632vXXn35-36p185

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