Cefalee, osmofobia e tratti di personalità


Purposes. Evaluate the characteristics of psychological functioning in cephalalgic patients by analyzing the variations in personality indexes compared to validated reference norms in Italy. Evaluate the presence/absence of osmophobia among the associated symptoms reported by patients in the various types of headache diagnosis. Methods. Personality traits were evaluated in 27 patients with primary headache through the Rorschach Comprehensive System of Exner. The associated osmophobic symptomatology has been identified in the same sample by verbal inquiry following theoretical explanation. Results. All the criteria are met for affirming that the sample is predominant a high vulnerability to loss of control and a lower stress tolerance level, a disorganization in stressful situations that can cause a problem in dealing with daily problems; Moreover, there was evidence of suffering or some form of emotional discomfort and high self-focus. There was the presence of osmophobia in 48.1% of patients in the total sample. Specifically: 91.7% of patients with Migraine Without Aura Diagnosis; 25% of patients diagnosed with Migraine With Aura; 14.3% of patients diagnosed with Sporadic Episodic Tensitis; in none of the patients with chronic headache. Conclusions. The problems encountered in the sample seem to be at the level of stress control and management, the reelaboration of emotional/affective stimuli and conflicts in relation to the Self, while there is no significant difficulty in managing interpersonal relationships. There was a statistically significant connection between Osmophobia and Cephalalgia Pathology, showing in particular that subjects with Migraine without Aura are predominantly osmophobic, unlike all others.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i17201632vXXn35-36p35

Keywords: Primary headache; osmophobia; Rorschach-Exner; Personality traits

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