Brain computer interface: studio, evoluzione ed applicazione dell’interfaccia neurale


This research aims to illustrate the progress in the field of Artificial Intelligence, in particular with an examination of the Brain Computer Interface (BCI), also known as Neural Interface. These devices, which have a distinctly interdisciplinary character, binds primarily the medical engineering field with that of neuro - cognitive research and have as main objective the rehabilitation or better support for therapeutic purposes with the so-called lock-in patients. First a brief focus on the neural interface story was outlined, with attention to early studies and recent developments that have characterized this protocol. Then we moved to the clarification of the neuro - psychological components that form the basis of a Neural Interface and therefore, detection systems and the particular brain frequencies that activate a BCI will be analyzed. Finally, we’ll discuss some of the most recent studies which have guided the BCI to new scope for development

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence; Neural Interface; rehabilitation; brain computer interface

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