Un’interpretazione psicofisiologica del percetto musicale


This paper takes a review of the various theories that study the percept of music. We analyzed the adaptive theory, the theory of transformative music and the idea of cultural evolution. Also we featured the neuropsychological approach to music through the analysis of patients with amusia or with aphasia without amusia, we discussed the latest research in the psychology of emotions related to music and hemispheric lateralization produced by listening to music with emotional connotations. Finally, we presented some studies based on cross-modal priming paradigm, able to provide new answers to the interpretation of the music. A study of musical emotions cross-modal complex and may offer an opportunity to expand the knowledge on how the music cognition may affect other activities, behaviors, domains.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i17201632vXVIIn30p33

Keywords: Music percept; cross modal; priming

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