Dans le contexte socio-économique actuel, la posture du psychosociologue est-elle adaptée aux problématiques du monde du travail ?


Since early philosophy, thinkers and authors have exchanged ideas regarding the world and societies. The birth of human sciences, more or less inspired by previous modes of thinking, allowed continuing the development of the literature about the social issues encountered, and particularly working issues. However, in a context of emergency, management and practical perspective, how could we consider the consultant’s job when we choose to do it with this legacy in our minds, not as an expert bringing turn-key solutions, but as a professional attempting to impulse and to accompany a reflection, in order to enable the group to understand a problematic with a view to treating it ? With the example of psychosociology and its particularities, we will try to understand the implications which result from this question, and we will suggest possible answers

DOI Code: 10.1285/i17201632vXVIn28p169

Keywords: psychosociologist; consultant; work; human sciences; counseling

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