Neuroarcheologia musicale: musica come protolinguaggio


This paper aims to analyze the musical percept as a precursor of language, which later evolved into a human brain structure with syntactic, spatial and temporal rules similar to the language. This will be described through the studies of Psychology of Music and through evolutionary analyses, and neuroarchaeological analysis. Through a comparate and evolutionary model will be illustrated the phylogenetic development of musical perception (listening, pitch detection, physiological production and instrumental production) and how this could be considered one of the foundations of the speech. Through this analysis we will describe how the percept music/sound exists as strongly connected both at the genetic level, biological and behavioral language unctions, and we will as a capacity which the tactile receptor is involved in the processes of sound / music discrimination and production

DOI Code: 10.1285/i17201632vXVIn28p35

Keywords: evolutionary studies; language; music and brain

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