High intense pulsed magnetic field for focusing ion beams and stressing biological materials


High intensity magnetic fields are employed to focus ion beams and they represent novel stress to study the behaviour of biological samples. In this work we present the realization of a magnetic pulser formed by a capacitor of 150 nF (50 kV) connected to ground by means of a pulsed high-voltage switch and solenoids for high current. The capacitor and the solenoid form a LC circuit oscillating at 210 kHz, 30 s, at a maximum repetition rate of 2 Hz. The solenoids were realized by a copper wire by 8 mm (11 rings) and 5 mm (20 rings) in diameter. The corresponding inductances were 3.6 and 16 H and the maximum currents generated at 50 kV of charging voltage of capacitor reached values up to 12 and 4.5 kA. The measurements determined a magnetic field at the centres of solenoid of 0.85 T for the less inductive solenoid and 0.5 T for the other one. The current diagnostic was performed by two systems: a self-integrating Rogowski coil and an integrator connected to a current transformer, both suitable for pulses longer than 1s.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i9788883051081p106

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