Optical absorption coefficient measurements in nanostructures embedded in UHMWPE


Light absorption coefficients in Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene have been determined in the range between 200 nm and 1200 nm wavelength by means of optical spectroscopy. The absorption investigations have been carried out by evaluating the absorption of characteristic peaks emitted from a Hg-Ar lamp and detected by at high sensitivity optical spectrometer. Measurements have been performed in pure and doped polyethylene. As doping agent at different concentrations, have been employed nanostructures of carbonnanotubes, iron oxide and methylene-blue. The aim of these analyses is to modify the absorption coefficients of polyethylene-based polymers in a large range of wavelength in order to obtain special polymers for optical applications in different scientific fields, such as physics, medicine, chemistry and engineering.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i9788883051029p5

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