Laser applications in bio-medical field


In this topic are described the main parameters controlling the laser-biological matter interactions. They will be illus-trated the laser properties and the physical concepts at the base of the coherent light emission. In particular they will be discussed the role of the laser intensity, wavelength, dura-tion of the laser pulse, mechanisms of photon energy trans-fer to bio-medical materials, and many bio-medical and bio-engineering applications. A close examination will con-cern the classification of the physical laser-matter interac-tion mechanisms like photochemical, photothermal, photoablation and electromechanical. Certain uses in diag-nostics, therapeutic applications in Cardiology, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, deposition of biocompatible thin films and laser welding will be reported. Significant advantages of the laser over conventional techniques, will be discussed.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i9788883050886p144

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