Afferrare il crepuscolo: annotazioni sulla visione apocalittica di de Martino e il pensiero della crisi


In recalling the tortuosity of the theoretical path that led de Martino to conceive that editorial project - emblematic of his apocalyptic vision - called The end of the world, which was followed by an equally troubled drafting that has engaged scholars to reconstruct the clear expository order and thematic, this research intends to dwell on the comparison already identified by the critical literature between de Martino and the German thought of the crisis attributable to Spengler, author of The decline of the West to clarify the overlapping as much as possible. Secondly, broadening the initial hermeneutical understanding, an attempt is made to connect Demartin's vision of decline with greater elective affinity with those of Huizinga and Toynbee. Finally, in the light of the investigative results achieved, a balance sheet of de Martino's intellectual contribution is ventured, highlighting some specific controversies and particular points of reflection concerning its possible developments.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v12i2p37

Keywords: Apocalypse; civilization; culture; ethos of transcendence; decline

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