Chassing a daisy


The words of a language are not a mere nomenclature. If read in the complexity they offer, they can also act as the eyes of a language; precisely those eyes through which the community of that given language perceived the world and expressed it by communicating. By complexity we intend to include in the study of a word not only its form or its signifier, but also its different meanings as semiotic variations and also what is known from myths, rites and everything that is inherited from the knowledge of peoples. This path, which is nothing more than a renewed revival of the old philological school "The Words and Things", this path of study was therefore followed in this essay dedicated to the "luledele" (daisy in Albanian), intent on correcting a lectio-fatilior in its interpretation, and bringing the Sun back to the center of the system, as already in other languages related to it.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v11i1p211

Keywords: Ethnolinguistics; Sociolinguistics; Albanian language; Daisy; Sun

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