Analisi dei processi di esclusione/inclusione sociale dei gruppi rom. Un caso studio


This article focuses on processes of social inclusion/exclusion of four different Roma groups living in Apulia, in Southern Italy: a) Italian Roma living in some municipalities in the province of Lecce; b) Roma Xoraxane currently residing in a settlement ("Campo Sosta") in Lecce; c) some romanian Roma living in emergency housing conditions in Lecce; d) a group of Bulgarian Roma employed in seasonal agricultural work in the province of Foggia, under exploitative conditions. The essay aims to highlight the way in which the inclusion/exclusion conditions are politically and socially constructed, affecting different Roma groups present on the same territory. Starting from such cases, the paper inquires into the possible influence of policies-making, processes of social interaction and socio-economic changes on social and territorial inclusion/exclusion of different Roma groups.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v8i1p103

Keywords: Roma; Ethnic Policies; Policies of Exclusion; Labour Exploitation; Social Inclusion/Exclusion

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