La dimensione politica dello spazio domestico: cultura materiale e consumo nella Russia moscovita


The paper focuses on consumer culture and domestic sphere in Russia from an anthropological point of view. The authors' attention is reserved on the rules that things and spaces play on the creation of individual identity. Starting to an anthropological and historical methodology (Appadurai, Bourdieu, Kopytoff, Roche) the authors study the rule of the objects in the domestic life. As a place of presentation of self, home informs us on the political national values and the relations between Russian and western consumer culture. The analysis of domestic things is very important to understand the cultural history of Russia, for example to rethink the byt, which encourages a Russian way of life in opposition to western world.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v7i2p5

Keywords: Consumption; Commodities; Politics; Russia; Social Classes

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