I documenti d'archivio nella storiografia antropologica: problemi e prospettive. L'esempio dei materiali inediti di Ernesto de Martino nell'Archivio Centrale dello Stato e nell'Archivio Laterza


Ernesto de Martino (Napoli 1908-Roma 1965) is one of the most renowned Italian anthropologists both in Italy and abroad. Based on various documentary sources, his figure and his work both as a versatile student and as a politically and socially committed man have been accurately examined, since his death, by historians, anthropologists, philosophers, etc. The present work, by comparing and analyzing new archival sources, some of which partly unknown, suggests important qualifications on De Martino's life and on his scientific and educational activity. More broadly, through De Martino's case analysis, this work deals with a few problems concerning the history of anthropology, particularly the theoretical and methodological aspects pertaining the protection, preservation, and fruition of archival sources.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v6i1p169

Keywords: Ernesto de Martino; History of anthropology; Research methodology; Historical data; Archives

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