Recupero e trasformazione nella pìzzica-pìzzica


The pìzzica pìzzica is a folk dance originally from the Salento (southern Apulia Region, Italy), and, in the last decades, its rediscovery has encouraged its knowledge not only locally, but also internationally. The revival of folk music of Salento, the media success of the festival "Night of the Taranta" and the increase of tourism in the town of Apulia where the event is held have also fostered the creation of courses to learn this dance, often conducted by female performers of this traditional dance and songs. However, the recovery and the re-proposal of this dance lack the traditional structure supporting the introduction of new meanings and, in fact, a new form of dancing.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v3i1p57

Keywords: dance; pìzzica pìzzica; tradition; Salento

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