Attitudes, knowledge and Practices of Nurses towards HIV/AIDS Patients. An Observational, Cross Sectional, Multicenter study


Background. Attitudes, knowledge and practices of nurses towards HIV/AIDS patients are of continuous interest, especially in developing countries. However, in Italy, this topic is still scarcely debated. Materials and methods. An observational, cross sectional, multicentre study was conducted on a sample of 144 nurses in two Italian Hospitals of the Puglia Region ("Vito Fazzi" Hospital in Lecce and "San Giuseppe da Copertino" Hospital in Copertino (Le)). Results. A large part of the sample (97.2%, n=140) stated that they never refused to take care of a patient with AIDS. Only 22.9%, (n=33), of the sample had attended a training course and almost half (63.2%, n=91) used the gloves regularly when performing blood samples or when administering therapy to patients. With regard to the assessment of HIV knowledge, the percentage of nurses who know the meaning of the terms " seropositive" (83.3%, n=120), "HIV-positive person" (91.7%, n=132) and "window period" (47.9%, n=69) decreased. Conclusions. The results of the study show that a non-negligible percentage of nurses could be considered at risk of infection due to non-routine use of gloves, incorrect handling of the patient's biological samples and not knowing how to decontaminate a surface with potentially infected blood.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i25327518v4i1p7

Keywords: AIDS; HIV; knowledge; Attitudes; practise; HIV patients; nurses

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