Uterine rupture: up to date


The uterine rupture is a dramatic obstetrical event, fortunately unusual. Unfortunately, onset is often sudden, very often during pregnancy, in the third trimester, and during labor. The uterine rupture depends on a number of biological and mechanical factors, in which the muscular scarring process is the main responsible factor. The biology of uterine muscle scarring depends on a set of biomolecular processes involving growth factors, neuro-transmitters, neoangiogenesis, deposition and reabsorption of collagen fibers, ect. Any interference in this precess creates the conditions for the uterine rupture, which occurs under contract, during the maximum muscu-lar tension. Separation of the fibers almost always involves a traumatic vascular interruption with copious haem-orrhage. Here is why uterine rupture is a very rare event, but very dangerous for the life of the woman and the fetus inside it.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i25327518v1i1p61

Keywords: Uterine rupture; pregnancy; myomectomy; fibroids; neonagiogenesis; growth factors

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