Covid19 - Fast lane for early career researchers

The COVID-19 pandemic will have serious social and political consequences. In the academic context, young scholars and early career researchers will probably pay the highest price. The disruption caused by the pandemic is delaying many editorial activities, including all in a day's work needed for processing and reviewing manuscripts.


At Interdisciplinary Political Studies we are fully aware that this is especially troublesome for our colleagues who are on the job market, and we want to do our part.


For that reason we have set up a "fast lane" for early career researchers to encourage their submissions and ensure them to get feedback and finalise the publication of a pending manuscript within reasonable times in such a challenging situation.


To achieve this goal we are launching an extraordinary Call for Reviewers, inviting senior scholars and colleagues holding permanent positions as well as academics who feel having the possibility to help and contribute to this collegial endeavour. Perspective reviewers: drop us a line if you are willing to help!


At the same time, perspective authors: do signal in case you are an early career researcher and your manuscript should be treated according to our "fast lane" protocol.


Our contact email is:

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