Informazione digitale a fumetti e narrazioni "resistenti": il world-building del portale Graphic News = Digital comic information and narratives of resistance. The world-building of Graphic News portal


Together with the strengthening of independent graphic journalism publishing, in Italy "no fiction" comics are spreading also in mainstream publishing. On one hand, we find what we call "mutant" comics, which are progressively exploiting communication opportunities given by the web, becoming available as e-books while preserving their paper format. On the other hand, throughout the web are spreading experimental experiences like the one implemented by Graphic News, the first made in Italy open access portal. By adopting the approach of popular geopolitics, this research analyses the structure and the contents of the portal, focusing on reportages which are the result of comic authors' direct observation, as well as on their ability to help the reader to get embedded in difficult environments, with specific regard to migration issues.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n18p191

Keywords: graphic journalism; critical geopolitics; digital comics; world-building; Graphic News portal

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