Una lectura cuántica del Multiverso Marvel a través de su plataforma digital = A Quantic Reading of Marvel Multiverse through its Digital Platform


Marvel's digital platform, called Marvel Unlimited, allows the reader to have access to the entire catalog of Marvel comics in a fully interactive way. Therefore, when they are reading a certain comic they have at their disposal different links to access other comics related to the one they are reading, for they include other appearances of the main characters or other stories that are associated with the current plot. Therefore, reading itself creates a multiverse that is determined by the choices that the reader makes in the course of the reading process. A multiverse clearly conditioned by the action of the observer, since each reader will have their own experience depending on the choices made. Therefore, we are facing a quantum reading experience closely related to Schrödinger's thesis, reinforced by the idea that Marvel Universe is, in fact, a multiverse ruled by the many worlds theory, one of the interpretations of the quantic physics. Therefore, a quantum reading experience is built, which will be the object of analysis of this paper.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n18p95

Keywords: Marvel multiverse; quantic physics; digital platform

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