Variazione del tema. Sinossi, trailer, trama, tema, significato nel re-editing di "The Favourite" = Variation of the theme. Synopsis, trailer, plot, theme, meaning in the re-editing of "The Favourite"


The research hypothesis that guides the work is that the meaning of a film, as intended in a “procedural terms”, begins even before its vision and precisely in the dialogue between the paratexts to which we expose ourselves before its vision and the film itself, which can direct the viewer's interpretation in several ways. The video essay is a double experiment: on one hand, it reconstructs "what it is about" The Favourite by Yorgos Lanthimos by recomposing the information retrieved from some promotional texts that are available online. On the other hand it reassembles parts of the film verbatim to show how it would have been according to the narrative segments highlighted by the various synopses or, vice versa, recontextualizing the images of the trailer as they are presented in the film. If on one hand this highlights the partiality and the differences of focus in the various texts, on the other hand the editing operations, made possible by the very form of the essay, touch the living material of the narrative structure of the film by distorting it, thus giving it the possibility of revealing its own density by exposing the multiple interpretations it contains. A practice of "metacriticism” that analyzes the narrative to reveal the semantic paths that are not immediately obvious.

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