Online Media Coverage of BitCoin Crypto-currency in Nigeria: A study of Selected Online Version of Leading Mainstream Newspapers in Nigeria


Given the economic hardship in Nigeria in the past few years, Nigerians resorted to finding alternative ways as a survival strategy. Bit-coin and a good number of other crypto currencies formed the long sought economic alternative to such extent that it is gradually getting public acceptance as a means of transaction. Subsequent upon the collapse of MMM, the Nigerian government dismissed the use of crypto as legal means of exchange in Nigeria. This brought about reaction from bit-coin participants, experts and government officials. This study therefore is an examination of online media coverage aimed at ascertaining the slant of coverage, the dominant media source and type and how detailed the reports issued in the media concerning Bit-coin are. The researcher used the qualitative and quantitative content analysis research method to examine the manifest contents of the selected online media while framing and social responsibility theory formed the benchmark for the study. The study spanned for three months covering December 2017 through February 2018. Findings revealed that Nigerian online media gave negative slant to their coverage of Bit-coin crypto currency. It was also found that while government source dominates news source, straight news reports dominated the types of media used in the coverage of Bit-coin crypto-currency. The researcher concluded that the media had played their social responsibility role to the public by providing detailed reports on bit-coin and recommended that the mainstream media should also join hands in delivering detailed messages on salient issues.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n12p141

Keywords: Bit-coin; Crypto-currency; online media; ponzi-scheme

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