Inquietudini dell'immaginario. Forme della paura nel transumano = The Anxieties of Imagination. Forms of Fear in Transhumanism


The Anxieties of Imagination. Forms of Fear in Transhumanism. It seems perhaps inevitable that a topic like transhumanism, that encapsulates many issues and problems of the current cultural complex, is able to do so thanks to its many, and somewhat conflicting, psychological tenets. Among these, the emotion of fear will be at the centre of the observations that will follow. I hope to show its significance, not only in the sense of the consistent presence of disruptions derived from fear within the transhumanist literature; but, at a deeper level, sonconjecturing that precisely its advent can be traced back to fear.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n12p7

Keywords: transhumanis; transumano; paura

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