Screening: identificazione precoce e prevenzione come bene comune = Screening: early identification and prevention as a common good


Screening: early identification and prevention as a common good. This contribution aims to highlight the importance of the early screening within the learning disabilities as a common good. Specific Learning disabilities (DSAs) are due to a relative impairment of the child's ability to learn in the presence of an adequate intellectual level and in absence of neurological pathologies and sensory deficits, and limit the activities of the child’s everyday life. In the last few years, this issue has considerably increased in Italy. Concerning the Italian language, the prevalence of DSAs ranges between 3% and 4% of the developing population for the Italian language (Consensus Conference, DSAs, ISS 2011). The law 170, October 8th 2010 declares that the school has the task of detecting early suspected DSA cases. Schools represent a common good and therefore it is necessary to think about education as a promoter of equality, inclusion and equality. Screening activities in schools can play a significant role in raising awareness and in staff training, enabling not only an early recognition of DSAs, but also implementing appropriate teaching measures

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n11p117

Keywords: Screening; Specific Learning Disabilities; School; Common Good;

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