La plusdotazione a servizio del bene comune. Riflessioni pedagogiche sul modello WICS di Sternberg = Giftedness for common goods. Pedagogical reflectionon the WISC model of Sternberg


Giftedness for common goods. Pedagogical reflection on the WISC model of Sternberg. Giftedness represents an emergent topics in the educational and psychological field in Italy. The present paper will focus on the WICS model of Sternberg, an alternative model of giftedness that goes beyond a traditional conception of the construct. Traditional models describe Giftedness as a feature related mainly to high intelligence. According to the WICS Model the main goal of a Gifted person is to pursue the common Good. The paper will describe each component of the model and will bring some educational reflections.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n11p111

Keywords: Giftedness; Wisdom; Model; Sternberg; Common Goods

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