Street art in Urbe. Arte urbana nelle periferie romane=Street art in Urbe. Urban art in the suburbs or Rome


Street art in Urbe. Urban art in the suburbs or Rome. Rome in the past was the undisputed cradle of the arts, the imperative destination of the eighteenth-century grand tourists for its constant combination of old and new, humble and magnificent. Recently, Rome is playing once again that key role in the 21st century world. The scenario is mostly regarding the Roman suburbs, borderline not only geographically, but also culturally and socially, where external ugliness is often due to an original lack of aesthetic design or frequently subjects to carelessness and degradation. On this type of urban contest many street artists are involved with their works, directly in contact with the territory and its inhabitants. In this essay the focus is on the connection born from the involvement of artists and citizens, which leads to a legal, programmatic and connected artistic production. So, Art becomes a means of communication in places that are often voiceless and, at the same time, it always performs its function: trough the Beauty, Art re-qualifies and educates

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n9p197

Keywords: Street art; contemporary art; Roma; Quadraro; Tor Marancia; periphery; place; territory; societ; , identity

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