Sconfinamenti tra pedagogia e funambolismo=Overlapping between Science of Education and tightrope walking


Overlapping between Science of Education and tightrope walking. Our research aims to investigate the possibility of contaminating education and tightrope walking. Supporting the idea that education should favor the vital balance for each human being and considering tightrope walking as one of the best examples of balance research, the paper tries to analyze and understand the tightrope walker's self-training. In fact, we have chosen to study this topic as a peculiar educational experience, considering balance a target for every educational process. The tightrope walking experience is as intense, condensed and special as any other performing art. This experience must be supported by the cognitive faculty of imagination, because the tightrope walker is led by an insane dream, that of connecting something that is naturally detached. The power of imagination has to guide his walking across the empty space, as he would be walking across life and death. In the same way, education has an impact at an important stage of life and has to be balanced in order to guide every human being

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n9p163

Keywords: Imagination; balance; embadied education; tightrope walking; self-training

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