Patachitra: una forma artistica e narrativa indiana, locale e globale =Building Inter-Cultural Bridges through Patachitra


Building Inter-Cultural Bridges through Patachitra. Patachitra or scroll painting is an ancient art form of India. It can be a means of studying and understanding Indian culture as it illustrates certain fundamental elements of the same. Patachitra like India is ancient and modern at the same time, it goes from mythology to modernity. India’s motto is “Unity in diversity” and patachitra has its own array of diversity in forms, colors, subjects and styles. India is home to many different religions and patachitra too is inter-religious. In Naya village the chitrakars who are Muslims sing and paint about global events and also about Shiva and Jesus. In today’s world people from different cultures need to interact with each other. The purpose of education is to equip individuals to face the realities of life. Studying patachitra helps to reflect on the “self” and the “other” and facilitates thought on differences and similarities between different cultures. If we dwell on the idea of diversity and difference and not of superiority and inferiority interactions may be smoother among individuals and cultures

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n9p135

Keywords: tradition; cultural continuity; inter-Cultural Bridges

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