L’ipocrisia necessaria: strategie di sopravvivenza nell’ordine interazionale dei social network=The necessary hypocrisy: survival strategies in the interaction order of social network


The necessary hypocrisy: survival strategies in the interaction order of social network. Starting from the gradual process of modern individualization to the current proliferation of social media platforms, the rules of deference and demeanor, persist as a microsociological structural element, silent as a growing forest, you need them to preserve the sacred dimension of others, so that you can keep the interaction ritual painless and the identity at stake are not compromised. Quoting Goffman, just like in the world of everyday life, the social actor needs to facilitate the representative task of others in order to save face, Facebook users transform that dose of necessary hypocrisy into interactive approval-oriented strategies, in order to safeguard the raison d’être of worldly secular liturgy of virtual exhibition. Other people’s approval is the only way to survive on the social media and, in order to obtain it, it’s indispensable to keep the ceremonial ballet of mutual consideration alive. In this perspective, this contribution aims to bring out the mechanisms of building an interaction order on Facebook, a platform that is commonly regarded as a desecrating virtual arena, where intersubjective exchange is easily inclined to the profanation of the identity of others.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n9p37

Keywords: social network; Erving Goffman; interaction order; deference; identity

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