STORICIZZARE “REVOLVER”. Gli albori della cultura pop e il metadiscorso della modernità=HISTORIZE "REVOLVER". The beginnings of pop culture and the metadiscourse of modernity


HISTORIZE "REVOLVER". The beginnings of pop culture and the metadiscourse of modernity. Besides its musical innovations, the Beatles’ “Revolver” displays many points of sociological and cultural interest, including peculiar forms of self-education such as Abraham Moles’ “mosaic culture”. Being the foundation stone of so-called ‘pop culture’ in 1966, the album marks the beginning of modernity in popular music, but it also discloses many features of post-modernism. Through “Revolver”, actually, the discourse of modernity reveals all its intrinsic contradictions. Today, when its aural and intercultural features have been fully absorbed by contemporary pop music in a fifty years time, listening to it is an experience far different from its ‘innocent’ auditory intimacy in 1966. Such a difference would demand an investigation of the role of nostalgia in our perception of the past

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n8p261

Keywords: Beatles; popular music; popular culture; modernità; postmodern

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