L’avanguardia ricorda. Il ruolo di Gianni Sassi tra gli anni Sessanta e Ottanta=The avant-garde talks. The role of Gianni Sassi between the Sixties and the Eighties


The avant-garde talks. The role of Gianni Sassi between the Sixties and the Eighties. Gianni Sassi is an eclectic intellectual who showed his communicative strenght in an interdisciplinary way, leaving his mark on advertising world, on music, on poetry and art generally with his creative work, going beyond rigid sectionalization of human knowledge. He embodied the innovation and renovation spirit of his time treasuring the neo-avant-garde lesson of Futurism, Fluxus, Dada, Pop Art but reworking them in his own original style, he also revealed a pioneering entrepreneurship in his way to interpret the relationship between art and marketing, like Benjamin did, and in his talent for creating fertile encounter and clash between different opinions, ideas and people too. His very effective images spread cultural proposals which were able to satisfy the alternativism needs of the highly active audience of that time, they were open to different interpretations and they had the power to stimulate cultural awareness by freeing from prejudices and platitudes which cage free thought. Today we miss figures like Gianni Sassi and those artists and intellectuals who expressed, in several ways, their keen desire to create their own work, their own sound, their own future, their own ideas and point of view themselves. In these days of cultural sectionalization, it should be essential to revalue these models and this period characterized by a spontaneous and strong bond between society, politics and culture

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n8p221

Keywords: nostalgia; Gianni Sassi; avant-garde; cramps; Benjamin; music; poetry; art; entrepreneurship; media; communication; marketing

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